Myths about Oral Care

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Myths about Oral Care


Taking care of your teeth is a daily process and not something you do just when that dentist appointment is coming up. You can’t fool your dentist nor your teeth. But what exactly is proper oral hygiene? Many people think that taking care of their teeth includes particular hygiene practices or myths that don’t help and might even hurt. Take a look at these oral care myths below and remember, flossing and brushing your teeth every day is not a myth, but a fact to keeping your teeth clean, sparkly and healthy.

Myth 1

Brush Teeth Right After Eating

Nope, not true. In fact, you should wait for a minimum of 30 minutes before brushing. Why?brushing 300x200 Your mouth needs time for the saliva to mix with, dilute and neutralize any acidity from the foods you’ve eaten. Otherwise, brushing will coat your teeth with active acid and weaken your teeth enamel. Instead, if you feel you want to get rid of that onion or garlic breath, chew a piece of gum (sugar free, of course J).

Myth 2

Using Hard Toothbrush, Brush With Force For Long Time

Nuh-uh. It’s not the hard bristles or the pressure/length of time you brush, it’s the technique you use. In fact, a soft bristle brush is better for your teeth. The softer the better, we always recommend extra or ultra soft.  The softest you can find.  If the bristles on your brush look flattened, you are applying way too much pressure and may damage the gumline area.

Myth 3

Brush Hard Enough, You May Brush Away Gums

This is also said about teeth as well.  I am not saying this is true or untrue, however, people develop many different habits over time.  I have seen people brush incredibly hard (as if they were trying to cause damage), and brush their teeth with substances other than toothpaste, so lots of bad things can happen.  The bottom line is relax, be gentle, harder is not better.  Again, it’s all about technique, taking your time, and knowing how to brush.  These are important discussions that should be had with your dental hygienist!

Myth 4

Sweets, Sugar, Acidic Foods Ruin Teeth

Again, everything in moderation.  For most of us, this is a myth, because if it were the case, we’d all have rotten teeth. Yes, our diet does play a factor in our general health overall, but again it’s all about keeping on top of your brushing with efficiency. If you do not brush 30 minutes after eating sweets, then your teeth may be affected. That goes with anything you eat.  However, some people are on the extreme – they suck on lemons for hours, sip on pop all day long, put sugary lozenges in their mouth overnight when they sleep – you get the drift – this will definitely promote bad things to happen in the mouth…

Myth 5

A Little Gum Bleeding Is OK

Not true. In fact, bleeding gums indicate that you have active infection in your gums.  That is not healthy.  For instance, is a little bleeding from your ear ok..?  Didn’t think so.  Gums are no different – healthy gums never bleed spontaneously, or regularly from brushing and flossing.  If your gums are bleeding, see your dentist.

Do you have further questions about your hygiene?  Give us a call to set up an appointment.                    


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