The Difference Between Veneers and a Real Smile Makeover

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The Difference Between Veneers and a Real Smile Makeover



Did you know that there's a very big difference between a complete smile makeover and simply visiting a cosmetic dentist for veneers?

If you thought they were the same thing, you certainly aren't alone – we see new patients from throughout Atlantic Canada every day, and many assume that a "smile makeover" simply amounts to some kind of veneer treatment (like porcelain veneers, tooth-colored veneers, etc.). And why wouldn't they? Cosmetic dentists are advertising them all the time, to the point where most of the public thinks that getting veneers is the first step towards improving the look or brightness of their teeth.

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It's no surprise, then, that when new patients see the beautiful smiles upon our office walls, they assume that it all comes down to dental veneers. However, nothing could be further from the truth. A smile makeover isn't just something different, but also something more.

Why a Real Smile Makeover Takes More Than Veneers

To help you understand, think of an old, musty, outdated family room. Most homeowners either have one, or know someone who does. For the sake of argument, let's say that this family room is in your house, but it's not exactly something you're proud of (which is kind of the same way some people feel about their smile). In fact, with its ’80s-style wallpaper and 30-year-old carpeting, it might be the one room in your house that you actively try to keep your friends and family away from.

If you're embarrassed about that room for long enough, you might decide to do something about it. Your first step might be to call a couple of contractors and get bids. Let's say that you narrow your search down to two: The first one we’ll call "Generic Contractor," and the second one we'll call "Daniel," just for the sake of simplicity.

It's important to understand that both contractors are being hired to renovate the family room, and both have the qualifications needed for the job. The biggest difference between the two is going to be in their approach to renovating the family room, and that's a bigger difference than you might realize.

So, let's assume that you meet with both and decide to give Generic Contractor a try. He assures you he's up to the task, and has done dozens of jobs like this before (although, when you think about it later, you might notice that he didn't bring any kind of portfolio with him to show you his work). You figure he's trained and experienced, and besides, it's logical to assume that any two contractors are going to do roughly the same kind of job. You have no way of knowing that different contractors have different backgrounds, training, and qualifications, so how are you to choose one over the other?

In any case, since Generic Contractor's price falls within your budget, you ask him to get started. As expected, he shows up a week later and starts taking measurements in the room. He doesn't really seem to be involving you in the process much, but when you ask, he tells you he looked at some of the adjacent rooms to get a feel for your style. That seems a bit strange, he never asked what you thought about the other rooms, but you don't raise any objections because, after all, he's supposed to be the expert… You can trust him to do what's best, can't you?

In a few weeks, he’s back to finish the job, and you can hardly be more excited. You hurry home and look into your brand-new family room and discover that it's… well, kind of like the old family room. There certainly is new paint and flooring, but you can't shake the feeling that some of the uglier bits (like the wallpaper you hated) have just been covered up and painted over. In fact, you kind of wish you hadn't been so excited and invited your friends and family over to see the new-and-improved room. Although they all compliment the "fresh paint and carpet," they don't really seem that impressed.

You aren't really sure if you should be upset or not. Maybe that's just what renovated family rooms look like, you think. Or, maybe you just had your expectations set too high…

Because that seems like a terrible feeling to have after you spent a lot of time and money on your family room, let's go back in time for a moment and suppose you had gone with our second contractor, who we (modestly and randomly, of course) named Daniel (no relation to me J). Although you hired him to do the same job, you would have had an entirely different experience.

Your first meeting begins with a look through his before-and-after samples (and there are a lot of them for you to look at). They are impressive, and leave you optimistic about the renovation to come. Next, he asks you some questions – lots of them, in fact – not just about your family room, but also about your history of and vision for the home as a whole. He wants to know what kind of feeling and design you want, what sorts of renovations you've made in the past, and where you might think about making changes in the future. Even though he's focusing on the family room, he wants to be sure that you'll be as happy with the renovations 10 years from now as you are today.

After you've agreed on a plan, Daniel’s team comes back to take some measurements and photos, ask some follow-up questions, and ensure that you understand everything about the renovation process to come. You get the sense that they really want you to be part of what's going on, and value your input.

About a week later, they come back and get to work. The first step is includes removing all the old stuff, including things you might not have even noticed were there, like crown moldings and fixtures, stuff that contributed to the shabby look.  Then, when that stuff is all gone, they rework the room, specifically to your vision, from the ground up, making it look just like what was talked about last day.  Only it’s not done - none of the renovations at this point are finalized.  Although everything seems perfect, this is only the beginning; they room is temporarily renovated so you get a feel for the new look of the room before you make any final decisions.

A few days later, they come back again, after you’ve had time to reflect on the new look of the family room.  They ask your input about everything, letting you know that you are in complete control of the final outcome.  You can change the size and shape, as well as the color – your family room is unique, and is made specifically for you.  Even though they are professionals who do this every day, they explained that your style and satisfaction have to come first.  After you decide what you want (and they are happy to guide you through this process, helping you make the best decisions), they return 2 weeks later and remodel the family room to exactly your specifications.

The result is that you get a family room that's new and completely redone, but also matches the design and vision for your home. It's brighter, cleaner, and better, and it's also distinctly yours… not something that simply looks "cleaned up." This time, when your friends and family come over, they're amazed. They mentioned that they never noticed what a beautiful room it was before, and it goes from being a space that you want to hide from the world to one you want to share with every visitor.

What do You Want From Your Cosmetic Dentistry?

Hopefully, the point we are trying to make is crystal clear: Dental veneers can certainly be part of a smile makeover, but simply putting them into a new cosmetic dentistry patient isn't going to give the amazing results you really want.

Here at Daniel Daniel Dentistry, we use a comprehensive process to transform a patient's smile that involves things like hygiene therapy, bite assessment, and state of the art laser gum re-contouring to help our clients realize their vision for a brighter, more confident smile. From the removal of old crowns and fillings to the rebuilding of teeth, our work is designed not only to look fantastic, but to deal with the underlying dental issues that can be hidden beneath an unattractive smile.

So, if you are thinking about a generic dental veneer treatment plan, consider a real smile makeover.  It may be a much different approach than other cosmetic dentists take, but we are confident that it's the right one, so much so that we also offer a 5-year guarantee on all our smile makeovers.  

Are you ready to realize the smile of your dreams?


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