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Smile Blog -- excerpts from our recent blog entries

Tuesday, Mar 4, 2014 Dr. Daniel
  Even though your tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances in the whole body, it's not smooth and flat. The enamel on your teeth contain microscopic ridges and pits that will hold particles of the foods you eat, and the beverages that you drink. The pigment in dark colored beverages, such as coffee, can embed themselves into the small ridges causing a build-up. Thus, if the...Read More
Wednesday, Jan 22, 2014 Dr. Daniel
The importance of oral health and a healthy set of teeth are as crucial as having a healthy body.  For many Canadians it is nearly essential for their jobs as they interact with the public as teachers, nurses, in business or working in the service industry.  The most effective way to maintain or regain oral health is through cosmetic dentistry. Of course for many Canadians the idea...Read More

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